Shone's Complex
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Aortopulmonary Connection Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy is not recommended for individuals with Shone’s Complex, unless the mitral stenosis and its symptoms are extremely mild. There is the risk of heart failure, atrial fibrillation (rapid and erratic heartbeat), and the formation of blood clots, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. If a woman with Shone’s Complex involving mitral stenosis chooses to bear children, it is important that she be carefully tested before conception and monitored during gestation and for a time after childbirth.

In the absence of mitral stenosis, the risks involved with pregnancy will depend on the degree of recovery from treatment, the degree of aortic stenosis, and the status of coarctation repair.

Anyone with congenital heart disease, repaired or non-repaired, should consult with their cardiologist prior to becoming pregnant to review the risks.